Operation “Save” America?

Anyone who believes Christianity to be a “flawless symbol of morality” and a “perfect moral compass” should check out Operation Save America (formerly Operation Rescue), and particularly its founder and ex-leader Randall Terry. Note: the link I’ve provided is not an un-biased news source or a leftist review, but the group’s own website. Before you get defensive and try to isolate your own personal Christianity as “not like theirs,” I’ll kindly point out to you that what they “preach” is completely biblical, if ignorant of conflicting passages (Exodus 21:22, Ecclesiastes 6:3). You might wonder if maybe they do some good work, too. Well, click on “Hurricane Relief Effort.” Are you greeted with pictures of OSA members helping in the reconstruction effort? Nope. The most important thing they’ve seen fit to inform us is, “There are NO abortion clinics open in New Orleans!!”

If the group’s own website doesn’t scare you, a mere Google search should surface a laundry list of violent acts performed by group members, including the murder of prominent abortion doctors, and the bombing of abortion clinics. Randall Terry has said, of doctors who perform abortions, “when I, or people like me, are running the country, you’d better flee, because we will find you, we will try you and we will execute you.”

Hmmm… religious fundamentalists performing Scripturally-sound acts of terrorism? Sounds so familiar…

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