Bullshit Faith-Healers

This is Marjoe Gortner, an evangelical child preacher in the 1950s who later became a faith healer in his twenties. After an attack of conscience, he hired a camera crew and filmed a documentary exposing himself as a fraud who used clever, age-old manipulation techniques to convince the audience that he had the God-given power to heal people’s ailments. (The documentary, titled Marjoe, was filmed in 1972 and it’s excellent. So I highly recommend you Netflix that bitch, post haste.)

What I respect about Marjoe is that he at least had the cojones to come clean and admit to being full of shit. I don’t think we’ll be getting that any time soon from assholes like Kenneth Copeland or Benny Hinn (even though Hinn has been exposed as a fraud with questionable business practices for quite some time), but it’s nice to know that at least some of these mother fuckers have a conscience.

If you still don’t believe that faith healing is utter bullshit, check out the stuff after the jump.  I’ve got priceless video of James Randi–a personal hero of mine–exposing some dipshit faith healer named Peter Popoff, who was driven to bankruptcy shortly after Randi exposed his methods live on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.  Watch and be disgusted…

3 thoughts on “Bullshit Faith-Healers

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