How Evolution is Scientific (a Response to Deniers of History)

There’s a lot of debate going on about evolution.  A recent survey revealed that out of the 30 industrialized nations surveyed, the United States had the second lowest percentage of citizens who believed in evolution, at 39 percent.  The only nation that scored lower than us is Turkey.  Fucking Turkey!

It’s no secret that America has the reputation of a nation replete with fundamentalist Christianity.  They’re literally everywhere.  Seriously, if you can find a part of America that’s more than ten minutes away from a church, I’ll give you the keys to my imaginary Dodge Stratus.  And one very distinct feature of Christianity is its inability to keep its fallacious dogma out of public affairs, even going so far as to try to enter the science classes.  I did say try.  See, as everyone knows, science has been religion’s enemigo number uno since the dawn of modern science itself, from Galileo to Einstein to Darwin.

Christians somehow equate a good scientific education with atheism, despite the fact that there are a number of prominent scientists that accept evolution and are also believers (not many, granted… but they do exist).  So in an attempt to “de-atheize” the effects of science education, Christians tried to play in the science arena by pushing what they called “creation science.”  They got their asses handed to them.  So since the scientific community wouldn’t accept their bullshit, they tried to take their case to the courts by suing to try to get creationism taught in public schools.  Again, they failed.  Now creationism is back, under the guise of Intelligent Design, and not only that, but creationists are now going to great lengths to try to discredit evolution in any way they can, even if that means distorting facts, using outdated long-discredited information, making ad hominem attacks on Darwin himself, and even outright lying.

One group of creationist bullshitters call themselves Answers in Genesis.  And no, it has nothing to do with Phil Collins’ early musical career.  This is the group that created the creation museum I mentioned in an earlier post.  Anyway, they recently released an article claiming that (surprise) evolution is “unscientific,” and spell out the reasons why they think so––none of which involved any real, solid evidence.

Above, I have posted part 1 of a 6-part series of youtube videos which explains in pretty good detail, how and why evolution is scientific and creationism is not.  The other five parts are posted below, after the jump.  If you’re a creationist, watch and learn.  And if you’re an evolutionist, watch and learn anyway; you might need material like this to debate those ever-vocal proponents of intelligent design.

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