Muslim Scholar Says: Only Islam is True (Complete With Shitty Overextended Metaphor)

Have you ever wondered why sane, peace-loving countries allow mosques to be built on their land whilst countries under Islamic rule don’t allow churches or temples of other faiths to be constructed in their borders?  According to this guy (Dr. Zakir Naik), it’s not because they’re assholes… it’s because, obviously, your religion is wrong and his is right.

I love how this douche actually admits that “non-Muslims are no doubt experts in science and technology.”  Yea, asshole.  Science.  The only fucking vehicle we have for discovering truth.  What was the last great discovery made by Islam?

Do me a favor, “Doctor” Naik… unless you can make a car that runs on logical fallacies and delusion, leave the math to us infidels.  Mm-kay?

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