Trial of Geert Wilders Begins: Muslim Panties in a Bunch (Again)

Any one not familiar with Geert Wilders can read up on him here.  In short, he’s a Dutch politician who’s been pretty outspoken against Islam and the potential threat the Qur’an poses to society.  And guess who hasn’t learned yet that the old “Don’t publicly speak out against our religion,” plea pretty much equates to “There’s really no weight to what we believe, so can you please not expose our unfounded bullshit to the light of reason?”  Wilders is now on trial for “hate crimes,” which is pretty stupid, to say the least.

Anyone going out to protest something, here’s a tip: if your sign says “We Condemn Unbridled Freedom of Expression,” or “Death On Blasphemers,” you’ve lost.  Period.  If you don’t want to live in a free society, and can’t handle any criticisms against your holy book, take your ig’nant asses into a little room somewhere and fix your shit.  Until then, we’ll be here in the 21st century with the other, non-delusional members of society.

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