The Passive Aggressive Podcast: Episode 2

The Passive Aggressive Podcast

Episode 2 of our humble little podcast is now available for download, and it’s an extra-long, sorry-we-were-late-in-posting-this, director’s cut edition (and we will be replacing this version with a smaller edited version later on to save disk space, so download while ye may).  Joining us for this edition is a friend and fellow atheist Glenn Kolze.  Topics covered include the Hatian earthquake (and the moronic “conspiracy theories” associated with it), American support for medical pot, America’s Ten Gayest Cities (which may surprise you), a controversial ACLU lawsuit, the Massachusetts senatorial election, Abstinence-Only Sex Ed programs, Ask an Atheist, Ask a Gay, and Marc’s Monologue (the transcript of which will be posted on as soon as I get around to it).

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