The Passive Aggressive Podcast: Episode 6

This week, Marc and Glenn take a journey through the strange and facepalm-inducing world of Logical Fallacies. What they are, what they sound like, who uses them (hint: everyone), and how to recognize and avoid them. A cross-indexed list of the fallacies grappled with on this episode is included below. Other topics covered in this episode include Noah’s ark, the IRS, and a particularly sad A-Hole(s) of the Week segment. [Two items of note: (1) at one point, I mentioned the term “MMA vaccine”; clearly this should have been MMR… there is no excuse for this stupidity other than a pathetic brain fart; (2) Glenn mentioned that we had an Ask an Atheist segment; however, to save space, I had to cut it out. Worry not. It will be included in a future episode.]

Logical Fallacies List:
Straw Man
Ad Hominem
Appeal to Authority
Special Pleading
Anecdotal Evidence
Observational Selection
Appeal to Ignorance
Post hocConfirmation bias
Confusion of Correlation and Causation
Slippery Slope
Excluded MiddleFalse Dichotomy
Small Number Statistics
Weasel Words
Loaded Question
Red Herring
Proof by Verbosity
Poisoning the Well

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One thought on “The Passive Aggressive Podcast: Episode 6

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