Texas School Board Hates Hip-Hop

Texas’ new social studies standards were recently approved, wherein the truth (which tends to have a liberal bias) is supplemented with steaming nuggets of delicious propaganda. Here’s my favorite part:

Students will have to study a list of influential musical and cultural movements in America that includes rock ‘n’ roll, Tin Pan Alley, country music and the Beat generation. Social conservatives beat back an effort to include hip-hop music after some members complained that its often-crude lyrics are inappropriate for students.

Oh, but I’m sure Texas conservatives aren’t racist, right? Right?

Other things the board fabricated changed included an implication that “separation of church and state” is unconstitutional, the inclusion of Christmas in our national history, and more positive portrayals of Ronald Reagan and Joseph McCarthy. Yes, that’s right… the one McCarthyism is named after.

We should just let those idiots secede already.

(On a side note: this is one reason why public schools might be a bad idea. But I’ll save that rant for another time.)

4 thoughts on “Texas School Board Hates Hip-Hop

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