Holy Water: The Cure for Atheism

Sometimes, Christians really don’t seem to get it.

Allow me to illustrate:

Let’s say Parties A, B, and C are teachers. Parties B and C have certain opinions and beliefs that Party A does not share. Party A openly expresses this fact. Parties B and C respond by bullying and mocking Party A and sprinkling a magic fairy-dust potion on her. School officials respond by transferring Parties B & C to another school district.

Now, in keeping with the educational theme of this post, take out your scantron and a number 2 pencil, and answer the following questions:

Question 1: Who, in the above scenario, was being bullied and/or persecuted?

(a) Party A
(b) Party B
(c) Party C

Question 2: Does the answer to Question 1 change if it is known that Parties B & C are Christians, that Party A is an atheist, and that the “magic fairy-dust potion” is holy water?

(a) No
(b) Yes

If your answer to both these questions was not (a), you are an idiot.

If you’re a clergy man, and decide to call a meeting of local clergymen to talk about the “injustice” being done to Christianity from the mere act of punishing bullies, you are a complete idiot.

“We were contacted, and we agreed to hold the meeting at our church,” said the Rev. O’Neal Dozier, pastor of the Worldwide Christian Center. “We have to make sure this is not an attack on Christianity. It is totally unfair to remove the two teachers, and allow the other teacher to remain. We need answers and for them to be returned to the classroom.”

My father is clergy, so I know that not all clergymen are completely devoid of scruples and level-headed thinking. But this is just silly, and reflects poorly on Christians as a whole.

I guarantee that if the roles were reversed and it was an atheist spraying water on a Christian teacher, these same clergymen would still be defending the Christian and saying that the school board was totally right in transferring that abrasive atheist bully away from the poor, persecuted Christian. It has nothing at all to do with “persecution” or “injustice.” Dred Scott v. Sanford was an injustice. This was merely two bullies getting exactly what they deserved for being obnoxious assholes.

Sorry, Christians. Being the majority doesn’t give you permission to claim “persecution” any time your archaic world-view isn’t given preference over simple principles of humanity and recompense.

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