iSlam Muhammad App Pulled from App Store

Apple Inc., manufacturers of bad-ass computers and iPods (and my former employer), recently decided to inform comedian Emery Emery that his iPhone app, called “iSlam Muhammad,” had been pulled from the app store.

The reason? It depicts images of Muhammad, and points out some unfavorable passages in the Qur’an.

Fine. I get it if Apple has lost its balls and withdrew the app in fear of Muslim backlash. And from a libertarian perspective, they have the right to set their app approval policies however they like.

However, this app is pretty much exactly the same as BibleThumper, the only difference being the holy book in question. BibleThumper, it turns out, is still for sale.

To pull one potentially-offensive (to some) app for a weak reason and yet keep another potentially-offensive and nearly-identical app seems hypocritical, to say the least.

But as I said, it’s completely within their rights. They’re a private company.

It is, nevertheless, a disappointing move by my ex-employer.

SIDE NOTE #1: This is the first time the “Libertarianism” and “Religion” categories have overlapped on this blog. And it happens to be the first time I’ve written about Apple. Go figure.

SIDE NOTE #2: It feels good to finally be able to write stuff about Apple whenever I want. Stupid confidentiality agreement…

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