Why I Have Mixed Feelings About Bill Maher

It’s tough to discern what I feel about Bill Maher.

PROS: hilarious comedian, outspoken atheist, self-described libertarian, more-or-less rational.

CONS: only a libertarian for the weed, batshit crazy when it comes to vaccines.

This particular night, he was spot on. Global warming is a harsh reality, and it’s irresponsible for the media to give a platform to unscientific peddlers of nonsense in the interest of being “fair and balanced.” The same applies to evolution, as Maher noted.

I just wish he’d make this same speech to himself in the mirror, and substitute “global warming” with “vaccinations.” The same wackos that are denying climate change and citing conspiracy theories are opposing flu vaccines for the same reasons. Michael Shermer himself called him out on it and pointed out this parallel. How does he not see it?

Ah, well.  Religulous was still hilarious.

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