Future Headline: Spirit Airlines Declares Bankruptcy

So, I guess I’ll be flying Southwest from now on.

Normally I fly Spirit, and I do so for one reason: the price. That’s it. Their customer service sucks. Their flight schedules always seem to get screwed up. And their seats can only have been designed by a dude with scoliosis. The only reason I deal with them at all is because their prices are so low.

It’s pretty clear that they’ve been having money problems, as evidenced by the fact that they plan to start charging for carry-on luggage in August. But now it’s being said that a pilot’s strike is imminent.

If you happen to be a Spirit Airlines pilot, I’d reconsider striking.

It’s pretty obvious that the people who fly Spirit do so because of the price. If the company has to pay their pilots more, it’ll either fire some pilots and decrease their traffic (which they won’t want to do, since they’ll make less money), or it’ll pass those costs onto the customers by raising ticket prices. Which means no more economic advantage. Which means no more customers. And then all their pilots will be out of work. Either way, some pilots are getting the axe.

And in this economy, I’d imagine that you don’t want to be an out-of-work commercial airline pilot.

So strike at your own peril, pilots. But don’t say Black Jeezus didn’t warn you.

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