In Case You Were Looking for a “Legitimate” Psychic Medium…

here’s a directory, courtesy of a Bob Olson, who is totally not a con artist in any way! In fact, you can totally trust him because he used to be a skeptic. It says so on his site!

Once a cynical skeptic, Bob met his first legitimate psychic medium in January of 1999. This medium conveyed messages from Bob’s deceased father and grandmother that were incredibly accurate, including details such as names, dates and information about his life that this stranger (the psychic medium) could never have known. This reading literally changed Bob’s life and he has now been researching psychics and psychic mediums since that fateful day.

Earlier in his life, Bob Olson had been ripped-off by phony psychics during a time when he was desperate and vulnerable. He now provides all his online resources so that people will know where to find gifted and reputable psychics and psychic mediums and not get burned by fakes, charlatans, and even inexperienced practitioners who do not know how to use their gift responsibly

What more evidence do you need, really?

Whether this guy seriously thinks he can discern true psychics from phony psychics, or is just a swindler who takes donations from psychics to help make them look more credible, I can’t tell. The website conveniently leaves out the tests and criteria Mr. Olson uses to determine “real” psychics from fake ones. So that doesn’t help.

What I do know is that the term “phony psychics” is more than a little redundant.

People, I hope you’re intelligent and observant enough to know that psychic readings of any kind are complete hogwash. There has never been a demonstrably “legitimate” psychic medium in all recorded history.  Ever.

If you’re thinking of visiting a psychic, do yourself a favor and ask whichever medium you’re considering giving your hard-earned scrilla to if they’d be willing to prove their psychic powers by passing the James Randi million dollar challenge. Any answer other than “Yes, I’ll do that for you” is a cop out.

Don’t give them any of your money.

(via Mark Edward at Skepticblog)

3 thoughts on “In Case You Were Looking for a “Legitimate” Psychic Medium…

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