Black Jeezus’ News Quickies

The Australian state of fuckin’ Queensland recently passed a shitty fuckin’ law that would allow cocksuckin’ cops to fine citizens for fuckin’ swearing in public:

Thousands more Queenslanders could be slapped with fines for offences that would never have attracted police attention in the past under sweeping reforms to police powers.

Experts fear swearing in public, with a fine of $100, will be a major money spinner for the state and could become the weapon of choice for frustrated officers on the beat.

What is this, Kindergarten?

Needless to say, this isn’t going over well with many Queenslanders. Good for them.

(via Reason)

* * *

Orthodox Jews in Israel don’t want boys to go to school with girls.

Tens of thousands of black-clad ultra-Orthodox Jews staged mass demonstrations on Thursday to protest a Supreme Court ruling forcing the integration of a religious girls’ school.

Protesters snarled traffic in Jerusalem and another large religious enclave, crowded onto balconies in city squares, and waved posters decrying the court’s decision and proclaiming the supremacy of religious law.

(via Cynical-C)

* * *

Here’s an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal about the responses by US banks to new laws regarding overdraft fees. They’re calling it the “end of free checking.” I sure hope not.

* * *

Ice-T said it best. “Fuck the police.” Or was that Ice Cube?

A city councilman who spotted a traffic cop blow through stop signs while yakking on the phone confronted the officer – and got slapped with a $165 ticket, the irate lawmaker said.

Dan Halloran (R-Queens) wants his summons dismissed and is demanding a review of every ticket the Queens traffic agent has ever written.

“The traffic agents spend a lot of time ticketing in my community and yet they feel they’re above the law,” Halloran griped.

* * *

I know I’m a bit late for this, but here’s to the late Jimmy Dean. You shall be missed by pork sausage lovers worldwide.

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