iPhone App Developers Getting Pissed Off

Look, I’m a self-proclaimed Apple geek and all, but some stuff they do is downright annoying.

Not to say that they don’t have the right to run their company however the fuck they want. Because they do. But that doesn’t mean I can’t see bad business when it’s there.

I’m not a developer, but there’s been talk around the interwebs that a lot of app developers are abandoning the iPhone platform in favor of one that’s more open.

Timothy B. Lee summarizes:

Most major software platforms are open in the sense that anyone is free to develop applications for them without first getting permission from the platform owner. This includes Apple’s own Mac OS X. Anyone can download the Mac developer tools, build a Mac application, and distribute it directly to users.

The iPhone, in contrast, is a closed platform. Apps may only be distributed to users via the iTunes Store, and Apple carefully examines each app before allowing it onto the store. This might not be so bad if Apple limited itself to checking for obvious problems such as crashes and security holes. But Apple’s filtering has been much more aggressive, protectionist, and erratic than that.

For example, Apple has prohibited the use of cross-platform development toolkits. This means that app developers may not build an app that works on both the iPhone and other phones. This includes Adobe’s popular Flash technology, which Apple has banished from the device. This means that developers must do twice as much work if they want to build applications for both the iPhone and other mobile platforms.

If there’s one thing I hate, it’s censorship–whether it’s done by the government, the media, or a Fortune 500 computer company. I wouldn’t blame developers at all for wanting to be able to offer their software to customers without worrying about all their hard work going to waste because of some bureaucrat’s skewed definition of what’s “appropriate.”

Case in point, Apple also deemed a version of James’ Joyce’s Ulysses as too inappropriate for the iPad. Why? Because of titties. Illustrations of titties.

As if people weren’t already trying to find a way to look at naked women on the iPad.

Once you start censoring classic literature, you’re just asking for backlash. But that’s just one man’s opinion anyway.

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