Another Blow to Creationism… in TEXAS?!

Just when I thought Texas was too stupid to warrant any more of my respect, they go and partially ever-so-minutely redeem themselves.

Here’s the story, according to the National Center for Science Education

The Institute for Creation Research, (which, as you could probably guess, doesn’t spend much time in the science lab), moved from California to Texas in the hopes of settling into an environment more open to lunacy. But they soon found that the Texas higher education board did not recognize their accreditation, meaning they were no longer able to give out Master’s degrees to falsely legitimize their “researchers.”

The Institute for Cretinous Redundancy filed for an appeal, and also filed for an extension that would allow them to continue handing out Master’s degrees while they wait for their appeal.

Their extension has been denied, because… well I think the court statement says it best:

“It appears that although the Court has twice required Plaintiff to re-plead and set forth a short and plain statement of the relief requested, Plaintiff is entirely unable to file a complaint which is not overly verbose, disjointed, incoherent, maundering, and full of irrelevant information”


So it seems you’ll have to go elsewhere if you’re looking to obtain a Master’s degree from an institution with about as much scientific credibility as Jenny McCarthy’s last novel.

Maybe try PBU?

3 thoughts on “Another Blow to Creationism… in TEXAS?!

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