Black Jeezus’ News Quickies

Remember that post I wrote about the “no true Scotsman” fallacy? Here’s Michael Moynihan of Reason commenting on its use in the feminist camp. The main question is whether or not a woman can be pro-life and still considered a “true” feminist.

I say, so long as your philosophies don’t contradict each other, then fine. But what do you think?

* * *

God, the action figure. Complete with “Kalashnikov AK-47 assault rifle.”

epic fail- Product Fail Spree

(via failblog)

* * *

Thanks to science, we are now one step closer to the inevitable Human vs Shapeshifting Robot wars.

* * *

Another day, another atheist billboard vandalized by people who are bound by their holy book to “love one another.”

Or maybe they just found the phrase “One Nation Indivisible” too offensive? Which I totally get. I mean, there’s nothing more despicable and divisive than unity. Right?

(via Southern Atheist Gentleman)

* * *

And from the Poe’s Law file, here’s video of a man trying to convince you that homosexuality is an abomination while wearing an ascot and leisure suit.

* * *

This isn’t religion-or-libertarianism-related at all, but now that Counter-Strike is available for Mac, I’ve been on that shit like a villain. So if you feel like playing with me, my steam username is munkyman223.

Prepare for pwnage.

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