Black Jeezus’ News Quickies

William Lane Craig, who’s been lauded as one of Christianity’s top apologists, shows here why that title is about as useful as being the world’s tallest dwarf. In short, he asserts that he knows Christianity is true and that Mormonism isn’t because of the testament of the Holy Spirit. Seriously:

My knowledge of Christianity’s truth, while supported by strong arguments, is not ultimately based on those arguments but on the witness of God Himself. If, therefore, I find myself confronted with a well-prepared and articulate Mormon who blows away my arguments and presents a case for Mormonism that I can’t answer, I should not apostatize, since I have the witness of the Holy Spirit to Christianity’s truth and so realize that although I’ve lost the argument, Christianity is nonetheless the truth (and I need to be better prepared next time!)…he [the Mormon] can’t justifiably remain Mormon by appealing to his experience, since he doesn’t really have a genuine witness of the Holy Spirit, but only a counterfeit experience.

This is exactly why most atheists view apologetics and theology as non-subjects. Like arguing the color of Peter Pan’s tights.

(via Debunking Christianity)

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Got any old video game equipment lying around? Here are 12 badass alternate uses for NES controllers.

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Want to stay up-to-date on the activities and opinions of everyone’s favorite Islamic terrorist group, but don’t have time to learn clunky and outdated Arabic? Good news! Al Qaeda’s first English-language magazine is here, printed in the sinful language of the infidels.

I’ve just got two questions. Where do I subscribe? And do you accept Christian foreskins as payment?

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Oh no. Here’s crazy Rand Paul about to say something controversial. Quick! Stop him!

Paul criticized the subsidies Wednesday in an interview on WHAS-AM in Louisville, saying that the program last year paid $9.1 million to 234 dead farmers in the Miami area.

Paul also criticized the federal government for giving $1 billion to farmers to leave their cropland fallow. He said: “I don’t think that’s a good idea, to pay people not to farm.”

What? Are you saying the government shouldn’t be giving money to farmers who don’t farm? What the hell kind of anti-progressive nonsense is that, Rand Paul?

And dead farmers shouldn’t get paid either?! What have you got against dead people, Rand? Huh? Don’t you know it’s the job of the government to take money from the taxpayers and give it to people who can’t work because they’re not alive. Don’t you? It’s called social justice, man.

Naive libertarians…

* * *

For you conspiracy theorists out there: Confessions of a UFO Hoaxer

The truth is, like, out there, man.

* * *

Christopher Hitchens will be undergoing chemotherapy (for throat cancer, if I’m not mistaken). A wise choice, Hitch. Keep fighting the good fight.

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