Florida Lawmakers Are Retarded

From my home state of Florida:

A python prohibition, bong ban, horse thievery crackdown and no-limit poker games are included in some of about 140 new laws going on the books Thursday in Florida along with the state’s new $70.4 billion budget.

Three senseless laws in one sentence. That’s quite an accomplishment. The bong ban especially. I mean, clearly, the way to stop people from smoking the scooby doo is to ban one particular device used to do it. Because making something illegal is the way to make it disappear.


Plus, with the oil on the beaches and the state’s shitty economy and the fact that we’re basically spread-eagled in the Caribbean just asking for a series of hurricanes to run a subtropical train on us, the number one priority right now should be spending more money to crack down on fucking horse theft.

Horse theft! That’s where police attention needs to be? That’s why I have to pay 7% more on everything I purchase in this god-damned state?

And furthermore, what exactly is the justification for the python ban?

“We don’t need any more snakes, especially ones that can grow over 20 feet long, weigh hundreds of pounds and eat almost anything they encounter,” said the law’s sponsor, Sen. Eleanor Sobel, D-Hollywood.

Ahh. So they’ve seen me getting out of the shower.


3 thoughts on “Florida Lawmakers Are Retarded

  1. With respect to the bong ban, you have a point: the objective is pretty stupid. However, it won’t occupy as much police resources as you might think, and it’s really a matter of policy – the anti-drug sentiment.

    The anti-horse theft statute is in response to the recent theft of many horses, likely for consumption purposes. Of course, this was already a crime, but now the penalties are greater.

    And if you don’t see the justification for the python ban, there’s really no point debating this with you. I hope you’re just trying to be facetious.

    Furthermore, most of this stuff is legislated way earlier in the year. I believe the oil disaster occurred with just days left in the legislative session. Though it’s not clear what the legislature could do at this point, and most action would be left up to the governor, I suppose they could have extended the regular session to do something.

    And, just for fun, your arrgument once again a bit of a strawman, as you misrepresent that state (or the state’s “position”) as only doing these three “pointless” acts; when, in fact, there were over a hundred other laws passed which you left unanalyzed. Even if these three laws were pointless, it doesn’t amount to the whole legislature being retarded.

  2. if you mean stupid you should use the word stupid. using retarded just keeps mocking a vulnerable group of people who aren’t as brilliant as you seem to be.

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