Black Jeezus’ Favorite Blogs

I know I said I was taking a break from blogging. This doesn’t count, as it requires no creativity whatsoever. Anyway, for anyone curious, here’s a list of the blogs I read regularly for inspiration, entertainment, or informative purposes. Enjoy.

Atheist & Skeptic Blogs

  • Pharyngula – probably the busiest atheist blog on the net, run by biologist PZ Myers (he’s on strike as of this writing, but it’s expected to be over soon).
  • The Friendly Atheist – run by high school math teacher and author Hemant Mehta. Another highly-trafficked and frequently updated blog.
  • Debunking Christianity – run by ex-Christian-apologist John Loftus. Perfect if you’re looking for a good source of well-researched cohesive arguments against Christianity.
  • Why Evolution is True – run by biologist (and author of the book by the same name) Jerry Coyne. Very science-y but still easy to follow and enjoy.
  • Bad Astronomy – run by astronomer and skeptic Phil Plait. Perfect for any skeptic who’s also a fan of astronomy.
  • Skepticblog – several different contributors for this one, all of whom are big names in the skeptic community.
  • Cubik’s Rube – run by British blogger James. Always an entertaining read.
  • The BEattitude – run by an unnamed ex-Christian.
  • Common Sense Atheism – run by Luke Muehlhauser. His approach to atheism is more philosophical than scientific.
  • Cynical-C – not technically about atheism, as much as it’s a random collection of bits and pieces of the internet, many of them on the topic of atheism.
  • Unreasonable Faith – run by Daniel Florien. A good mix of news and commentary.
  • The Good Atheist – run by Jacob Fortin. A true atheist a-hole (no wonder I like him).

Libertarian Blogs

  • Jeffrey Miron‘s blog – author of Libertarianism from A to Z.
  • Hit & Run –’s online blog, featuring an assload of contributors and multiple posts a day.
  • Mises Economics Blog – from the Ludwig von Mises Institute.
  • Cato Unbound – from the Cato Institute, a forum where multiple authors weigh in on a given topic.
  • Megan McArdle‘s blog – business and economics editor for The Atlantic.
  • Aaron Ross Powell – author, atheist and noted libertarian. Much of his posts deal with libertarian issues.

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