Wing Nut Daily Still Thinks Obama Isn’t Legit

And you thought the Birther movement would have disappeared by now

President Obama may not fit the constitutional eligibility requirement that stipulates only “natural born” citizens can serve as U.S. president, conclude the authors of a recently released book.

An investigation by the authors found that according to correspondence from the original framers of the Constitution as well as multiple Supreme Court rulings and the legal writings that helped establish the principles of the Constitution, Obama is not eligible to serve as president since his father was not a U.S. citizen.

With nearly 900 endnotes, the book, “The Manchurian President: Barack Obama’s Ties to Communists, Socialists and Other Anti-American Extremists,” was written by WND senior reporter Aaron Klein and researcher Brenda J. Elliott.

The authors concluded Obama may not be eligible regardless of his place of birth. The book recommends further legislative and judicial debate.

What response is there, except…

“The Manchurian President: Barack Obama’s Ties to Communists, Socialists and Other Anti-American Extremists”? With a book title like that, you know you’re in for some reliable, unbiased reporting. Right?

This takes the concept of beating a dead horse to an unprecedented level.

I’m all for criticizing the president, but these unsubstantiated attempts to de-legitimize the president are simply ridiculous and only serve to show that Republicans are too incompetent to find a way of criticizing the government on rational grounds.

And for extra irony, if having a foreign-born parent makes you ineligible to serve as U.S. President, six other presidents would have needed to be stripped of the title as well, including Thomas Jefferson (mother was English), Woodrow Wilson (mother was English), Herbert Hoover (mother was Canadian) and Andrew Jackson (both parents Irish).

Yes, I’m sure we’re all shocked to discover what a disreputable news source World Net Daily is.

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