Music Monday: D’Angelo

Forget everything you think you know about contemporary R&B.

Seriously. Forget it. Because that’s the only way to truly appreciate the genius of Michael Eugene Archer (popularly known by D’Angelo). Has anyone else in history ever gained his level of notoriety and respect (not to mention 2 Grammy Awards), with only 2 full-length albums to their credit?

I think not.

The live performance above is a song from his second album Voodoo (released in 2000), which won him critical acclaim, two Grammys, and the title of “R&B Jesus.” The album is nothing short of perfect. I’d be hard pressed to find a single tune on Voodoo that I’d consider my least favorite. They’re all amazing. One of the few perfect albums in my collection.

It’s been 10 years since Voodoo and a follow-up album has been in the works for quite some time but has yet to be released. Needless to say, I’m starting to lose my patience. Voodoo came out in 2000, when I was a closed-minded high-school snot who wouldn’t listen to any band not signed to Tooth & Nail records, so I never got to see him perform live. The new album was set to be released Summer 2010, accompanied by a world tour, but the summer’s almost over.

And this news didn’t help my hopes at all.

Given the lengthy delay between Brown Sugar and Voodoo, and given that pothead musicians aren’t exactly known for their punctuality, my guess is we’ll have to wait a little longer for his third release. And by then, I highly doubt it’ll be able to live up to the hype.

Until then, you can check out “1000 Deaths,” a leaked track from the new album tentatively titled James River. Let Black Jeezus know what you think.

One thought on “Music Monday: D’Angelo

  1. In regard to this, the only ‘hint’ of work being done would be his manager’s myspace indicating that ‘James River’ is slated for a tentative Fall 2010 release date. Maybe, three weeks ago it had stated a late summer release date, so maybe this legendary album will ACTUALLY come out this year. You never know, but >_> we can only sit on our hands as we have been doing for years already.

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