Ayn Rand on Israel and the Middle East

As the token libertarian in pretty much every social circle, I agree with Ayn Rand’s philosophy in a lot of areas, but I’m going to have to disagree here.

First of all, the conflict is anything but simple. There are a lot of passions and emotions and events that make up the history of the Israel-Palestine conflict. Definitely too many to go into here.

What I will say is that Rand is wrong: both of these sides have resorted to incivility. The fact that Israel is more technologically advanced does nothing to support their case as a “peace-loving” nation. There’s more than enough unjustified violence toward Palestinians. Probably even more that we aren’t even aware of, since the media tends to sweep it under the rug.

And, no, I am not voicing support for some Zionist conspiracy here. I’m just calling it like I see it.

It seems to me the only reason most people would say they support Israel is out of religious conviction. Christianity remains the world’s most popular religion and the Bible clearly claims that Israel has the right to the land. It’s kinda tough to argue with that logic (i.e. a complete lack of logic).

You will never convince someone they’re wrong, if they truly believe that the invisible space man who poofed everything into existence wrote a book that says they’re right. Trust me on this one.

As far as where I personally stand on Israel and the Middle East, I’d say quite flatly that it’s none of the United States’ fucking business. The quickest way to make enemies is to start taking sides in wars we have no reason to be involved with. Let them deal with their shit themselves. If they truly represent a threat to our safety (and that’s highly doubtful), then, at the very least we could moderate something, but I personally think that’s a fool’s errand at this point.

I’m not at all saying we shouldn’t care. I’m just saying we shouldn’t take sides.

And I’m also saying that if you honestly think the way to solve a land dispute is “my holy book says so,” then please never buy real estate. Ever.

And do us all a favor and look into the accuracy of your holy book’s “predictions” and ask yourself if the Bible is really any different than the Twilight series (i.e. a work of fiction with an annoying fan base).

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