Enhance your booty with the power of woo-woo

You know, I could use more junk in my trunk. Maybe I should shell out the 9 bucks?

The sad thing is, some poor fool is actually paying close to ten dollars for a woman to wave a magic wand. At least I hope it’s only a magic wand.

And what exactly are you supposed to do with this spell anyway? Rub it on your ass? Drink it? Does she send you a piece of parchment that you’re supposed to use as toilet paper?

This message from the vendor also concerned me..

My spells are strong and very effective.  Upon purchase of a spell I will set up an alter solely for yourspell to be cast.  Be assured your desired outcome will receive my undivided attention.   This will include the use of candles, herbs, oils, gemstones, tools and some other items that may be required to bring results. Your spell will be complete within 24 – 48 hours of purchase depending on the complexity of your spell.  I will send you a confirmation upon completion via ebay message.  You can expect to feel positive energy immediately that will increase in strength daily.  Some of my clients say they experience a tingly sensation while I cast the spell.

Hmm. “Other items that may be required to bring results”? So your spells are “so effective” that whomever purchases them should be willing to spend more money for other things that might be required for them to feel a tingly sensation? Or does this mean that you have to use the aforementioned items when casting the spell? Doesn’t sound very scientific.

People, heed my words… Wicca is nothing more than woo-woo nonsense. Worse. It’s woo-woo nonsense wearing patchouli oil. Don’t fall for it.

(via Rebecca Watson)

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