What the hell is the big deal with the Ground Zero mosque?

I’m pretty sure I’ve already talked about the Ground Zero mosque on this blog, but I’m too tired to go back over my archives and find out where.

It’s just sad that some Americans insist on showing that they’re only okay with religious freedom, provided that the religion in question is Christianity (or some version of it).

Recently, some good people put up a bunch of signs near the proposed site of the Muslim community center (which would contain a mosque), declaring “Islam is Welcome Here.”

Then someone stole it.

A sign that said “Islam is welcome here” has mysteriously disappeared from the planned site of the Muslim mosque and cultural center near Ground Zero in Lower Manhattan.

It went missing on Tuesday morning, a short time after Fox 5 News crews videotaped the sign. It is unclear who had erected the sign and who removed it.

The green and white sign was on a pole in front of the building that the nonprofit Cordoba Initiative plans to use.

That’s right. A sign that says “Islam is welcome here” is not welcome there.

Words fail me.

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