Twilight does suck, but Mark Driscoll is still an idiot

Any time someone who believes in a fictional book as fact goes on a tirade against other works of fiction, hilarity ensues.

Some choice quotes:

We just think, “Oh, that’s not demonic. That’s a movie.” A movie is a sermon with pictures.

No. A movie is just a movie. A sermon is a sermon. A movie is a work of art, and it’s not to be taken as anything more than that. A sermon is a speech involving religious instruction or indoctrination.

A movie is only a “sermon” if the person watching it doesn’t have the ability to discern art from reality. Which means, to Mark Driscoll, movies probably are sermons, since he seems to think anything outside of his neo-Calvinist-Reformed-Christian belief structure is an attempt to hi-jack his thoughts.

Satan can write music. He can inspire story-telling and filmmaking, music. He sets ideology, and worldview, and he’s at work in the world.

Satan does not exist, and hence, cannot write music. But if the Prince of Darkness were involved in poisoning the minds of America through the music industry, I’d consider a thorough investigation of the Jonas brothers.

Just saying.

Plus, isn’t this idea at odds with the concept of “free will”?

Oh, wait. I forgot. Calvinist. Never mind.

I do want you to be discerning when it comes to culture because I believe one of the ways that Satan works in our day, is he will take things out of the category of religion and spirituality, put them into the category of entertainment, and we completely fail to be discerning.

So… a man who can’t discern fantasy from reality is criticizing his flock for failing to be discerning. Isn’t that ironic?

Don’t you think?

Oh wait. That’s Satan’s music.

Dead people don’t talk. Demons pretend to be dead people.

The fact that this statement comes from a guy who thinks he talks to Jesus is too tragically ironic to put into words.

Look, we all know Twilight is a piece-of-shit series of mediocre teen fiction that was the spark that ignited the explosion of shitty pre-teen novels in the paranormal genre. And we all know that the children’s literature industry has changed for the worse, to the point where these new writers seem like nothing more than quasi-emo college dropouts who can’t hack it as writers of adult fiction.

But they’re certainly not out to brainwash kids into worshiping Satan. Or worse… converting them to Mormonism.

It’s a sad state of affairs when a grown-ass man has less sense than most of the twelve year olds I know.

(via Unreasonable Faith)

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