High School Kids Aren’t Allowed to Heart Boobies

From ABC News (there’s also a video):

A 1-inch thick rubber bracelet has caused quite a stir in schools across the country, despite the positive message its wearers believe it sends.

The bracelets say “I [heart] Boobies” and are part of a nationwide campaign launched several months ago to make young people more aware of breast cancer.

The Clovis Unified School District in central California is one of the latest to ban the bracelets. District spokeswoman Kelly Avants told ABCNews.com they violate the school’s dress code.

“We have an existing dress code that specifically states clothing, jewelry or accessories with sexually suggestive language or images is not allowed at school, said Avants. A number of other school districts require students to flip the bracelets inside out so the word “boobies” is not visible.

(Caution: boobie puns ahead)

What a not-so-titillatingly awful story. If my mammary serves me correct, students do not shed their First Amendment rights to free speech when they walk onto school grounds. I also do not remember “boobies” becoming an offensive word… then again I haven’t really stayed abreast of all the latest developments in street vernacular.

This is clearly one of those annoying cases where these uptight parents come in and raise a huge racket over mild sexuality, while completely ignoring the context and the message. Just take the stick out of your ass and let the kids be.


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