Another Stupid Movie That I Will Not Be Seeing

Oh, for Pete’s sake… not this crap again.

I guess the Christmas-season-fear-mongering slash atheist-hate-fest is starting a few months early this year.

Our film industry has stumbled around looking for the next group to fear and denigrate. Homegrown terrorists? Too boring. Arabs? After 9/11 that became pretty insensitive. Neo-Nazis? Are people even scared of them still? We’ve been lost, groping blindly in the darkness.

But now one film has brought the light and shown us a new way forward: Let’s all be scared of atheists! Specifically resentful atheists who want to take away Christmas.

The direct-to-DVD Christmas with a Capital C is based on a song by the Christian Rock band Go Fish and concerns the nefarious plot by a big-city scumbag (Daniel Baldwin) to ruin Christmas for everyone in his home town. Yes, that’s right. NewsFeed should admit, the first time we saw the trailer for the film and heard its laughably on-the-nose dialogue we were convinced it was a joke: Does anyone actually believe in that tired dialectic of humble patriotic small-towners vs. smug urbanites who hate religion? Apparently some people still do. And that makes NewsFeed a little sad.

I’m actually a little surprised that they managed to get a Baldwin to be in a shitty Christian propaganda film who isn’t Stephen Baldwin.

Perhaps Stephen is busy?

For anyone not in the know, there’s no war on Christmas. Most atheists have absolutely no problem with Christmas or the people who celebrate it. What we do have a problem with are those people who think that their religious holiday is somehow not valid unless the government is endorsing it.

Since I’m pretty sure the majority of Christians aren’t aware of how many things they think they know about Christmas are wrong, I plan on elaborating a bit more in the future. But until then, please don’t bother seeing this movie. Paying for it will only encourage them to make more.

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