The Government Doesn’t Give a Shit About Your Health

This made me shake my head in disgust.

Why? Because I just had Domino’s Pizza yesterday. (It was good though. Not gonna lie.)

Domino’s Pizza was hurting early last year. Domestic sales had fallen, and a survey of big pizza chain customers left the company tied for the worst tasting pies.

Then help arrived from an organization called Dairy Management. It teamed up with Domino’s to develop a new line of pizzas with 40 percent more cheese, and proceeded to devise and pay for a $12 million marketing campaign.

Consumers devoured the cheesier pizza, and sales soared by double digits. “This partnership is clearly working,” Brandon Solano, the Domino’s vice president for brand innovation, said in a statement to The New York Times.

But as healthy as this pizza has been for Domino’s, one slice contains as much as two-thirds of a day’s maximum recommended amount of saturated fat, which has been linked to heart disease and is high in calories.

And Dairy Management, which has made cheese its cause, is not a private business consultant. It is a marketing creation of the United States Department of Agriculture — the same agency at the center of a federal anti-obesity drive that discourages over-consumption of some of the very foods Dairy Management is vigorously promoting.

In simpleton’s terms:

We’ve given our government the impression that they have the right to (a) form a department that manages the distribution, growth and quality of certain food products, and (b) tell us what eating habits we should and shouldn’t have.

Naturally, what results is the perfect self-serving relationship with the corporate food world. The government can say “DONT EAT THISS YOULL DIE!!!1!” and spend millions of tax dollars on public health campaigns to inform us of this, while at the same time funding a $12 million campaign (tax dollars again) to get us to eat the very thing that they’ve just told us is a health hazard.

In even simpler simpleton’s terms:

The government takes money from you and then uses it to tell you to do two completely different things.

So does anyone else still think that a larger government is a good idea?

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