Libertarian Facepalm of the Day

So I’ve been struggling with a bit of a cough lately. It’s very annoying, and it’s been interfering with my sleep.

Luckily, we live in an age where brilliant humans have developed awesome drugs that can knock out the problem in a jiffy; an effect that before could only be achieved via the placebo effect (i.e. prayer).

Well, not really, as it were. Because if you’ve tried to remedy a cold lately, you know that obtaining this remedy requires a few extra steps.

The logic goes like this…

The federal government (which totally knows what’s best for us and never makes stupid decisions at all) has decided that, since an ingredient in the more potent cold medicines can be utilized in the production of illegal methamphetamines, said medicines should not be available over-the-counter henceforth. The argument, of course, being that meth users or meth cookers will be sufficiently deterred by these measures. Obviously.

So instead of me being able to just walk into a CVS, grab a box of Sudafed, and give them my money, I instead have to visit during pharmacy hours, show them my driver’s license, and obtain it from the pharmacist who keeps track of how many I’m buying per month.

Because the war on drugs (which is totally working, right?) is much more important than sick people having easy access to the medicine that will make them feel better.

Needless to say, it came as no surprise at all when I read this WaPo article:

IN VERACRUZ, MEXICO Exploiting loopholes in the global economy, Mexican crime syndicates are importing mass quantities of the cold medicines and common chemicals used to manufacture methamphetamine – turning Mexico into the No. 1 source for all meth sold in the United States, law enforcement agents say.

Nearly three years ago, the Mexican government appeared on the verge of controlling the sale of chemicals used to make the drugs, but the syndicates have since moved to the top of the drug trade.

Cartels have quickly learned to use dummy corporations and false labeling and take advantage of lax customs enforcement in China, India and Bangladesh to smuggle tons of the pills into Mexico for conversion into methamphetamine. Ordinary cold, flu and allergy medicine used to make methamphetamine – pills banned in Mexico and restricted in the United States – are still widely available in many countries.

So not only are these extra restrictions unnecessary and inconvenient… not only are they based on a false premise… not only are they a waste of time and money… they ALSO give violent Mexican drug cartels something else to profit off of.


These are the people that want more of our money to do stuff with.

(via Jeffrey Miron)

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