What Comes Next?

A few updates, as far as the writing’s concerned.

First, Infernal Tales is getting nothing but positive reception so far. This should be good news, I guess, but my neurosis will not allow such optimism, so I’m more than a little skeptical. There’s gotta be someone out there who thinks it’s crap, right? Perhaps that someone is you. Check the link in the menu bar if you wanna see for yourself, and if you don’t want to pay the three bucks for the full story, e-mail me so we can arrange a free copy.

The second update is for those that have already read Infernal Tales and are interested in knowing what comes next, so SPOILER ALERT, I guess. I plan on writing five more stories in the same universe, which will take place during the aftermath of the bombing and the beginning of the war. Two of these stories will be of at least novella length and will focus on Luc, who will need to enlist the help of several more key humans—and a few gods, too—in order to stem the tide of mass extinction. Optimistically (grrr), I want to have the next one out by the end of next summer. The other three stories will be shorts, and will highlight what some of the other gods are doing during this time: so far the subjects (and titles) I’m leaning toward are Poseidon (“Nards of Neptune”), Taweret (“The Lady in the River”), and I won’t reveal too much about the third, except the working title: “Orgy of the Gods.”

Last, in the meantime, I will also be working on some short stories of a completely different nature. These will be lighter on the sci-fi and much heavier on the comedy/satire, and will focus on three separate protagonists—a trio of highly intelligent brothers, each completely crazy in their own distinct way—who share a house in Miami that becomes home to their off-the-wall plans, shenanigans and fits of fancy. A few of you will find this concept familiar (some way more than others). I’ve already started working on the first one now, titled “Nuclear Family,” and I’ll probably release it here on this very corner of internet for free once it’s finished, which will hopefully be within the next three months (school-year starting, and all).

Oh, and one more thing. In case you haven’t noticed, Black Jeezus is now marcvelazquez.com. I got my own .com, bitches. And I can put whatever I want on marcvelazquez.com, which is an intriguing idea with far-reaching implications that I’m getting half-chubbed just thinking about. So be on the look out for short stories, musings, rants, and all that good stuff.

That’s about it, humans! As always, get at me if you’ve got questions.