Infernal Tales in Helvetica


Eddie’s got problems: a dead-end job in HR, a smart-ass know-it-all best friend, a strong tendency toward apathy and misanthropy, and now a mysterious stalker, claiming to be the devil himself, who informs Eddie that the end of the world is about to begin—in Florida (big surprise)—and that he’s the only one who can stop it. But is the Dark Lord on the level, or could Eddie be losing his mind?

Infernal Tales in Helvetica is a humorous sci-fi e-novella written by Marc Velazquez, available through amazon for most compatible e-readers. To read a free preview (in PDF format), or to purchase, please use the links below.

Click HERE for a free 12-page preview. (PDF)

Click HERE to buy Infernal Tales in Helvetica for Kindle. ($2.99 USD)

4 thoughts on “Infernal Tales in Helvetica

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